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Sonic Wallpaper

Website: https://sonicwallpaper.bandcamp.com/
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About Sonic Wallpaper: Producing blends of instrumental electronic music with funk, downtempo, breakbeat with a cinematic feel and a unique blend of sounds. Grooves for moods as well as ambient experiments for textures.

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by: Sonic Wallpaper
Uploaded by: SonicWallpaper

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Type: Instrumental
Subject: Electro R-n-B, Funky shuffle
Genres: Breakbeat , Electronic , Funk , R & B
Moods: Bouncy , Brassy , Confident , Flirtatious , Funky , Playful , Sexy , Swingin
Styles: Celebration , Happiness , Info-mercial , Inspirational , Travelling , TV Drama , TV Themes
Instruments: Brass , Drums , Electric Organ , Guitar - Electric , Synthesizer , Upright Bass
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