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Weber Marely

Website: webermarelystudio.wordpress.com
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About Weber Marely: I`m Brazilian musician with a special passion about soundtracks and production. Have been working with soundtracks since 2007 and from this time until today I had an opportunity to work with some important brands like Intel, Coca Cola, FMC, Dow, Acer and many others.

Please feel free to contact for any freelance work, comments, inquiries or questions you may have.

Hope you like what you hear and thanks for browsing in!

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Play Song  Nostalgic and relax

by: Weber Marely
Uploaded by: wpmarely

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Type: Instrumental
Subject: [None]
Genres: Minimalist , Orchestral
Moods: Calm , Caring , Cool , Dreamy , Emotional , Hopeful , Light , Peaceful , Reflective
Styles: [No Data]
Instruments: Bass - Electric , Celeste , Cello , Clarinet , Flute , Piano , Strings
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