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Assisted Living-Featuring John Madeiro and Steve Hennesey

Website: www.assistedlivinggrooves.com
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About Assisted Living-Featuring John Madeiro and Steve Hennesey: Assisted Living’s instrumental melodies hearken back to the glory days of classic rock, when guitarist John Madeiro and drummer Steve Hennesey first picked up instruments and discovered their unique—and long-lasting—sense of rhythm.
Both men lost contact for nearly thirty years. For the first twenty, music took a backseat; in that last decade, however, both men dusted off their instruments and began to shake off the rust. John dug up his acoustic and spent several years writing music, while Steve sat back down with the drums. Both moved in and out of bands and small side projects, but they didn’t reconnect until 2013, when a chance encounter online reunited them for a jam session for old time’s sake.
Assisted Living’s new release “Groovey” has taken the band to the worldwide stage. With distribution pending in China for 2017 and an agreement with Record Union for placement on all music streaming sites, everything is “Groovey”. Assisted Living would like to take a moment and thank everyone who has supported us! No words can express our gratitude. Please remember one thing….stay “Groovey”. 🙂

© 2015-2016 Assisted Living

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Type: Song
Subject: Let it rain-The soothing sound of rain on the roof, curling up on the couch watching a movie, or the effect of 2 asprin after a long day. Grabbing your favorite blanket from the dryer. Pouring a fresh cup of coffee on a rainy Saturday morning.
Genres: Acoustic , Alternative Country , Americana
Moods: Calm , Caring , Friendly , Peaceful , Relaxed
Styles: Friendship , Happiness , Inspirational , Memories , Soap Opera , Togetherness
Instruments: Acoustic Guitar , Drum Machine
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