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Music Mixtures

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About Music Mixtures: Based in Los Angeles, Zev's greatly varied musical background in Rock, Jazz, and Classical elements is well represented within his Music Mixtures works. His professional career is firmly grounded in studio and live stage performances, as well as theatrical productions. A love of ethnic music sounds and techniques embody much of Zev's work, which includes World, Dramatic, Orchestral, Americana, Rock, Jazz, Ambient, and Country genres, among others. His Music Mixtures are featured in TV cues and steadily disseminated throughout various media venues.

BMI IP# 00143400321

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by: Music Mixtures
Uploaded by: omreeee

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Type: Instrumental
Subject: Regal orchestral score joined with dreamy choir singing wispy beautiful melody, tells a dramatic and adventurous tale. This dynamically emotional track carries your project to lofty fantasy-filled lands. Staccato chamber strings, percussive accents, sweeping french horn, high impact ending. Perfect for movies, trailers, teasers, you-tube videos and many other projects.
Genres: Classical , Film Scores , Modern Classical Music , Orchestral
Moods: Anthemic , Determined , Dramatic , Emotional , Epic , Grand , Mystical , Regal , Soaring , Uplifting
Styles: Action Adventure , Dramatic Soundtrack , Fairy Tales , Inspirational , Inspirational/Christian , Motivational , Triumph
Instruments: Brass , Fluegelhorn , Flute , French Horn , Horns , Orchestra , Percussion , Strings , Timpani , Violin , Voice Samples
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