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Moon Dial

Website: moondialmusic.com
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About Moon Dial: Moon Dial is a Seattle-based indie pop rock group. They formed a few years as a group of several tenured musicians with the goal of writing catchy and meaningful songs. Their music can swell into emotional uprisings and then land back into satisfyingly simple grooves. Local press has praised their songwriting skills as "journal pop" or "open-faced jazz aches." Strong and enticing vocals lead a solid rhythm section into new territory, yet the over all effect is something just familiar enough to make you want to hear more.

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by: Moon Dial
Uploaded by: moondial

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Type: Song
Subject: [None]
Genres: Alternative , Emo , Pop , Pop Folk
Moods: Atmospheric , Contemplative , Cool , Curious , Dark , Dramatic
Styles: Death , Desire , Heartbreak , Humanity , Love , Memories , Nostalgic , Peace , Regret
Instruments: [No Data]
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Nice Day Pretty Colors
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