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About jRiZzz: I am a Cinematic style Hip Hop / Trap / Edm, Instrumental producer. I am from Sacramento Ca, and Started out in the music scene as a drum & bass dj in the late 1990's. I started working from home as a hip hop beat producer in 2004 after producing drum and bass for some time and have continued to branch out from there. I also run a mixing and mastering service online.

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Play Song  Straitjacket Lullaby

by: jRiZzz
Uploaded by: jRiZzz

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Type: Instrumental
Subject: jRiZzz
Genres: Ambient , Film Scores , Hip Hop , Psychedelic , Trip Hop
Moods: Aggressive , Angry , Anxious , Disturbing , Dramatic , Emotional , Haunting , Scary , Unfriendly
Styles: Anger , Death , Druggy , Fairy Tales , Halloween , Lullaby , TV Drama , Video Games
Instruments: Xylophone
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