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Not These Tones

Website: https://soundcloud.com/not_these_tones
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About Not These Tones: Not These Tones is an electronic band from London featuring Richard Francis (vocals, guitar and electronics) and James Conway (Synthesizers and electronics).

Our music is closest stylistically to the downtempo electronica of artists like Burial and Bonobo, however we incorporate strong elements of dream pop and post rock.

We sculpt our music using samples we record in our environment, as well as a variety of instruments and synths. We mostly produce pop/dance style songs, although we also create sound art pieces and soundscapes.

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by: Not These Tones
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Type: Song
Subject: Nice dreams
Genres: Alternative , Ambient , Dance , Electronic , Garage , IDM , Pop , Psychedelic , Shoegazing , Trip Hop
Moods: Atmospheric , Bittersweet , Bouncy , Dreamy , Energetic , Hopeful , Hypnotic , Laid-Back , Mysterious , Spacey
Styles: Beach Party , Celebration , Future , Happiness , Party , Psychedelic , Soundscape , Togetherness
Instruments: Bass - Electric , Feedback , Keyboard/Synthesizer , Male Backing , Male Vocals , Sampler , Synthesizer , Voice Samples
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