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Taylor D @ Studio in the Sticks

Website: www.studiointhesticks.net
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About Taylor D @ Studio in the Sticks: "Taylor D" song writer/multi- instrumentalist/audio engineer and producer
has certainly earned his musical chops the hard way. 
Growing up in the rough and rowdy Southwest as a self employed contractor,
raising a family of seven, contracting and completing over four thousand projects;
Taylor taught himself how to play multiple instruments and record them with a craftsmanship precision,
 "on the side" of all that back and neck breaking contracting, (his neck and back are literally broken btw)
which means he had to work all that much harder, to earn the musical credentials.

"I don't like to get trapped in any genre boxes" says Taylor. He loves the challenge of hammering out,
all the instruments to many varying musical styles, fully arranging, producing and recording the whole song, lyrics, instruments, vocals and all!
His strongest instrument would be the guitar but he'll take on nearly anything and learn to play it, to get the song "complete!"
Fun loving and full of spirit, Taylor lights up any room he's in, with a love and passion for music and people!
Performing concerts for both large and small venues, and the passion of audio engineering and recording,
keep this guy, his friends and his audiences, well entertained, laughing a lot and occupied!

I respect the craft and tip my hat to all hard working musicians out there!

The tracks say the rest!
Thank you for listening in to my contribution to the creative arts industry friends!

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by: Taylor D @ Studio i...
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Type: Instrumental
Subject: F# minor
Genres: Film Scores
Moods: Cautious , Dark , Dramatic , Dreamy , Energetic , Haunting , Hypnotic , Mysterious , Smokey
Styles: Action Adventure , Danger , Dramatic Soundtrack , Horror/Thriller , Inner Turmoil , Mystery , TV Drama , Unsolved Mystery
Instruments: Acoustic Guitar , Bass - Electric , Drum Kit , Drums , Guitar - Electric , Keyboard/Synthesizer
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Blow Your Ashes Away
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