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About AlexDjordjevic: Full time performer / composer in many genres; jazz, smooth jazz, latin, latin jazz, ethnic, world music, ambient, corporate, pop, indie, dance, house etc.
Fast worker and very efficient, with always new and fresh ideas and sounding.
Alex is multi-instrumentalist and prefers to play most of the instruments. His composition thus have unique quality and musical value.

Play Song  Happy Acoustic Guitars

by: AlexDjordjevic
Uploaded by: TrueLex

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Type: Song
Subject: [None]
Genres: Acoustic , Brit Pop , Easy Listening , Film Scores , Indie , Pop , Soft Rock
Moods: Bouncy , Bright , Happy , Joyful , Light , Lively , Playful , Uplifting
Styles: Happiness , Inspirational , Motivational
Instruments: Acoustic Guitar , Guitar , Guitar - Electric , Piano
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