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About Warcrab: Warcrab have been making a name for themselves in the UK underground Metal scene since 2011. Hailing from the South West of England, the six piece have played the length and breadth of the country wowing audiences with their carefully crafted blend of Death, Sludge and Doom Metal.
The first release, a Self- titled Ep, came in late 2012 and was very well received. Showcasing the bands heavy, sledgehammer approach to song writing Warcrab followed this release with a number of successful UK shows throughout 2013.

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Play Song  Lay All To Waste

by: Warcrab
Uploaded by: confidentialrecordsuk

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Type: Song
Subject: Desolation and Waste
Genres: Classic Rock , Hard Rock , Metal , Rock
Moods: Angry , Chaotic , Determined , Driving , Questioning , Strong
Styles: Action Adventure , Adversity , Danger , Death , Excitement , Gothic/Classic Horror , Horror/Thriller
Instruments: Bass - Electric , Drum Kit , Guitar - Electric
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