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Peter Colclasure

Website: www.petercolclasure.com
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About Peter Colclasure: Peter Colclasure is a musician/composer based in San Jose, CA. He plays piano at the New Ballet School, formerly Silicon Valley Ballet, and teaches at Evergreen Studio of Music and the Arts. Like most working musicians these days, he's involved in various projects. In San Jose, he currently plays with several groups, including Cola, the Jean Jackets, the Rose Peddlers, and the Vanities. Occasionally he flies up to Seattle to record and perform with the Foghorns. In a previous life he toured with Smile Brigade, Facts About Funerals, and the Kissers.

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by: Peter Colclasure
Uploaded by: pjcolclasure

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Type: Instrumental
Subject: [None]
Genres: Classical , Minimalist , Modern Classical Music
Moods: Contemplative , Emotional , Mellow , Peaceful , Reflective , Thoughtful
Styles: Lullaby
Instruments: Piano
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