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Dainis W. Michel

Website: www.music-composition-studio.com/
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About Dainis W. Michel: I'm a rock musician and singer songwriter gone educated composer. 100% Latvian, 100% Austrian, 100% Australian, AND 100% AMERICAN...huh? How does that work? I combine worlds that would otherwise seem divergent, ask questions openheartedly, share my essence, and compassionately empathize with the painful world of obstacles in the mirror of infinite possibility.

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Play Song  Surrounding Flutes

by: Dainis W. Michel
Uploaded by: Dainis

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Type: Song
Subject: [None]
Genres: Modern Classical Music
Moods: Aggressive , Angry , Anxious , Atmospheric , Bouncy , Calm , Caring , Chaotic , Confident , Cool , Crystaline , Curious , Determined , Dramatic , Dreamy , Ecstatic , Eerie , Emotional , Energetic , Fun , Smooth
Styles: [No Data]
Instruments: Flute
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