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Paul Jannicola

Website: www.illclan.com
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About Paul Jannicola: Paul's style can best be described as "Folk with some attitiude." His true influences, would probably be closest to Jimmy Buffet, the Pogues and Andy Breckman. Although he has been compared to such disparate artists as James Taylor and Jack Black.

For the last ten years, Paul has been composing songs and incidental music for Machinima pioneers, the ILL Clan. (Machinima is a real-time animation technique where the animation engine is traditionally a Video Game.)

Paul has also most recently lent his songwriting talent to the Electric Sheep Company's Second Life news show, The Grid Review (directed by Kerria Seabrooke.)

In December of 2005, The ILL CLan produced their first Music Video for Paul's comedic song "Lovin' You (and Drinking Beer)" The video was made using Activision's 'The Movies' as the animation engine.

In 2006, the Machinimasia Film Festival in Singapore awarded "Loving You (and Drinking Beer)" first place in the 'MTV Music Video' category.

Paul has experienced success in podplay as well, where his song "Second Life" is used as a theme for more than one podcast.

Paul's music can be heard underscoring the AT&T branded "Life in the Virtual Hills" on MTV played during premieres of the current season of "The Hills."

In addition to music, Paul also works as his wife, Kerria Seabrooke as a screenwriter and voice actor.

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Play Song  Loving You (And Drinking Beer)

by: Paul Jannicola
Uploaded by: pjannicola

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Type: Song
Subject: unrequited love and alcoholism
Genres: Comedy , Country , Folk , Indie , Pop
Moods: Bouncy , Drunk , Energetic , Flirtatious , Friendly , Fun , Funny , Good , Happy , Light , Lively , Playful
Styles: Comedy , Nineties (1990s) , Screwball Comedy , Slapstick , Vaudeville
Instruments: Acoustic Guitar , Bass - Electric , Drum Machine , Vocals
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