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About Antonio Genovino: Antonio Genovino, (born in Roma, Italy) is an italian composer and pianist. He received a piano diploma from the conservatory of Latina (Italy) and a B. A. in Musicology from the Rome University "La Sapienza". He has composed symphonic, chamber and piano music, and attended film music courses. For several years he has been working in the computer music with a particular interest in the digital simulation of the symphonic orchestra and acoustic instruments ensembles, produced with the best currently available orchestral samples libraries. In 1998 he has received the "Colonna Sonora 1998" award at the "European like you" international courses of music for film in Bari, Italy.

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Play Song  Tribal Loop - (Completa)

by: Antonio Genovino
Uploaded by: Orchestralsound

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Type: Instrumental
Subject: Africa, Safari, Ethno instruments, tribal Choirs
Genres: Tribal , World Music
Moods: Aggressive , Chaotic , Dancing , Energetic , Lively
Styles: Action Adventure , Nature/Science/Cultural , Video Games
Instruments: Bongos , Conga , Didgeridoo , Djembe , Drums , Indigenous Percussion , Percussion , Strings , Vocals
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