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Spunky Munkey

Website: www.myspace.com/spunkymunkeymusic
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About Spunky Munkey: After practicing the craft for years, Spunky Munkey rose to the challenge of the rock scene in 2004 with the debut album, Commercial?. Spunky Munkey’s latest album, Ballistic, fuses dynamic playing with rock-pleasing riffs to churn out a CD full of rythm-pounding classic sounds. With driving tracks like "Exotica," and “My Sin”, Ballistic is a keeper for your listening pleasure.

Inspired by creativity and the possibilities of modern music production, Spunky Munkey writes music that often includes many headphone treats. Spunky Munkey uses Les Paul Gibson guitars preferring the tone that this guitar is famous for. Spunky Munkey plays emotionally and stands out with a strong technical ability.

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Play Song  All or Nothing

by: Spunky Munkey
Uploaded by: spunkymunkey

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Type: Song
Subject: Love and Relationships
Genres: Pop
Moods: Bittersweet , Careful , Contemplative , Dramatic , Dreamy , Thoughtful
Styles: Anticipation , Desire , Love
Instruments: Guitar - Electric
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