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Literati X

Website: www.myspace.com/literatix
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About Literati X: Literati X is one of the premier poet
/songwriter/publisher/label/featured recording artist of the 21st century. ' Sound Of Literati ' exemplifies the versatile velocity of the full spoken word poetry display: Witness the powerful experience of the spoken word explosion as { Literati Di Graffito X }
spray the spoken spectacular throughout the universe. . .

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by: Literati X
Uploaded by: spokenx

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Type: Song
Subject: [None]
Genres: A Cappella , Avant Garde , Ballad , Ballet , Baroque , Blues , Classical , Folk , Pop , R & B , Soul
Moods: [No Data]
Styles: [No Data]
Instruments: [No Data]
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HealthWyze  says:
08/20/2011 06:25
What the hell is this crap, and why is it being treated as if it were music?